Roasting Pigs

Dealaman Roasting Pig The size of the Roasting Pigs we sell are as follows:
Small (lbs.) Medium (lbs.) Large (lbs.) Xtra Large (lbs.)
9 - 16 31 - 35 51 - 60 91 - 100
17 - 20 36 - 40 61 - 70 100 - 120
21 - 25 41 - 45 71 - 80 120 - 150
26 - 30 46 - 50 81 - 90 over 150

Please feel free to contact us for pricing.

When ordering a Roasting Pig greater than 120 pounds please give us one weeks notification prior to pick up.

We also sell Baby Lambs and Kid Goats. Primarily the Baby Lambs and Kid Goats are raised on the Dealaman Farm.

Roasting Baby Lambs and Kid Goats is common among certain ethnic and Religious groups. Baby Lambs and Kid Goats are a very popular during the Christmas and Easter Seasons. Baby Lambs and Kid Goats are also a good cooking idea for Mother's Day. We offer Baby Lambs and Kid Goats throughout the entire year. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

We generally need 1 weeks notice when ordering Baby Lambs and Kid Goats.

Bette Dealaman Driving a Dealaman Bus Dealaman Enterprises also has its own School Bus Company. Dealaman Enterprises has been offering transportation to local schools for over 50 years.

Not only do we offer a busing service for local schools but we also have our buses available for rent.

Dealaman Enterprises often offers our services for Party's such as Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, Birthdays or other celebrations.

George Dealaman Sr. We Cut and Bail our own Mulch Hay. Great for your landscaping and home need.

We typically have Mulch Hay all year round, but you still may pre-order it here if you wish.
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